Garfield Black History Committee Welcomes You

We are a Black History/Community Advocate organization. The Garfield Black History Committee(GBHC) was founded in 2013 by residents of . the City of Garfield, New Jersey. Small in number but strong in aspiration. Over this period of time GBHC many accomplishments on our resume.

Preserving Our History, Ensuring Our Future

History is a shared knowledge of the past. Our family members always shared stories of what it was like during their younger years. For several generations, stories from Africa and the Jim Crow South have traditionally been passed down by word of mouth. Often, after a hard day’s work, families would gather together by moonlight, around a potbelly stove or fireplace and tell stories. More often than not, we have not been fully acknowledged for the integral role we play in the fabric of American society. Black History is everybody’s history, especially, American History. We built this country. And even though we didn’t ask to come here, we’re here now and this is our country too. The Garfield Black History Committee sees this as a reason to exist, live peacefully and push systems of America to progress and move forward so all can enjoy pursuits of the original design of this Nation. We must continue to teach and share our experiences whether good or bad with our youth. And when they know their history they’ll know, “We come from greatness!”….

Join Us As We Make History

Join us as we redefine Black History past, present and future. Too often histories are defined for us merely by teaching non-truths and they are told through a lens that dis-empowers and burdens people of color. These histories are powerful and help to direct our future work and directions. For example, Bergen County had a rich Black History but the stories were never told in the public mainstream. The Garfield Colored Giants were a prime example. They weren’t picked to play at the time by white ball clubs. Segregation was still at large.